I bet 2 months is the only time you have if you’re planning to get married in the next 2 months because every bride to be wants to have enough time to ensure having the best for a wedding . I also thought that was already enough time but I was wrong, depending on the time of the year most venues, caterers and dates will be fully booked 2 months before an event. This will be all about the struggles and rush, from completing all required document up to the tiniest details of a wedding.

Ps. It would be a successful 2 month preparation with a whole day spent to complete the tasks. I also had a job (graveyard shift) so a day for our preparations would be time deducted to my sleep but it’ll all be worth it.

Completing requirements

Thinking about surprises? Getting things rushed? Well it’s not that easy and even a civil wedding can take a week for you to have all your documents. Let’s be realistic, before you choose your venue, wedding gown, shoes, entourage flowers you have to complete all the documents needed to ensure your dream wedding will be legal.

My fiance and I are both from Antipolo so we asked for a list of requirements from our city hall (basic requirements for  a civil wedding) includes:

  • Birth certificate
  • Cedula
  • CENOMAR (Certificate of no marriage)
  • Parent’s consent ( one parent/ guardian for the groom, one for the bride)
  • Pay the processing fee of P350 ( not sue if it’s the same amount to other cities, were from Antipolo btw )

Attend a pre-marriage counselling seminar, and viola! You could get your marriage license which in our case is processed 10 days after the seminar.


This is one of the most surprising parts for me.. cause I didn’t think that event venues are really expensive! But maybe that’s because were in Antipolo and its known as  a good wedding venue. I’ll make a different post about the wedding venues we visited to review them thoroughly but most of them costs around P90,000 to P50,000 this is mostly for the garden venues (excluding the catering and corkage fee if you have another caterer). But don’t lose hope! We chose a clubhouse with a pool, garden area, restrooms, parking area and a beautiful view for just P10,000.

Choosing the right package or caterer

Wedding packages provided great convenience for soon to be couples nowadays, and with our short preparation it would really ave us time so we went looking a wedding package than choosing an individual caterer, lights and sounds, etc. We chose a package good for 100 pax and includes complete catering, chairs and tables with styling, emcee, coordinator, cake cutting and wine toasting, lights and sounds, lcd, smoke machine, photobooth, and HD photo and video coverage with prenup.

That’s actually all we needed and we found an affordable package for only P70, 000, most wedding packages I found on facebook are always around P100,000 for 100 pax. The link to their facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/aliyahsmile/

Prenup ideas

A prenup is one of the ways you tell your friends, relatives and everyone on social media you’re getting married. It showcases your sweetness as a couple but as many weddings happen most ideas become mainstream so you have to think of a prenup theme that would shows your personality and would be too mainstream. Since we spent weekends riding to Marilaque twisties up to the beaches of Real, Quezon we decided to bring our photographer on a trip to Marilaque.

We also went to the Pililia Windmills since I love the view and we loved the rough road 😉


To sum it up, we had 2 months of waking up early to complete all preparations. We spent a whole day looking for venues and another days to book. A lot of days choosing the best wedding gown for me and going back to our tailor to fix measurements. We need a whole day to order the invitations and another days to pick them up, A days to choose the flowers. We also needed a lot of time submitting our requirements to the church since their main office is at PICC and were from Antipolo.

It’s fun of course but I know I’d enjoy it more if had all the time to prepare for it. But the best part is working with your fiance under the pressure of all the deadlines you have to meet. It would test both of your patience. So good luck and congratulations! 🙂