First of all I’d like to make it clear that I’m still recommending the 3 to 6 months waiting time to try again to allow the body to fully heal.

Some may call it risky but I still consider this a success story, both for me and my baby. I could say that the day of my surgery is the day I lost everything. I had no idea I was pregnant and the time I was informed was just a few minutes before I went to the operating room.

I experienced great abdominal pains and went to the doctor but the first doctor who saw me thought it was just hyperacidity and prescribed medicines. But, knowing myself I knew it was something more than hyperacidty since the pain won’t even subside. It was that extreme. I went to another doctor who ran some tests and also referred to an ob gyne. I was referred for admission immediately when she saw the results but I had work and didn’t want to take a leave so I still went to work for a day. If I had been admitted later than that it could’ve ended my life too since I had no idea i was already bleeding internally.

April 30, 2016 – An emergency surgery was done to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube that ruptured and that was the only time that I was informed that I was 5 months pregnant. The surgery lasted for about 7 hours. It was really devastating waking up and recovering from a surgery almost the same with a csection but without a baby to take care of.

I had one cycle 28 days after surgery and never had my period again! As I write this I am currently 22 weeks and can feel my baby kicking in my tummy. Getting pregnant again just a month after is not recommended yet it’s still a blessing and everything would go well with proper care.

I am also posting this a day before All Saint’s day as a remembrance for all ectopic babies mother’s like me aren’t able to hug, and support for Pregnancy and infant loss awareness.14650300_10153943201763456_8747824592519687654_n