Today marks our first week as newlyweds. Earlier today, we decided to go to BDO to open a joint bank account. I’ve read different blogs about the requirement and I still had to call their customer service hotline just to be sure. So here are the requirements:

  1. Both parties’ presence
  2. 2 valid ids (with picture and signature) nbi clearance would also be accepted
  3. 1 recent 1×1 photo

Since it’s just a week after our wedding I haven’t updated any of my government ids yet. According to BDO here’s the requirements for updating my name in their bank records.

If you’re going to update your name in less than 6 months after your wedding:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. 1 valid id with your married name

If it has been 6 months after your wedding:

  1.  2 valid ids with your married name

So there, I still used my maiden name on our account, I’d just update is as soon as I have updated my driver’s license. We also chose the joint account with passbook and atm and we’re advised that we could get our card after 9 working days. Hope this article helps!