I simply don’t understand why being kind seems to be hard for some people. Does it hurt their ego? Does is make you less of a man? Or does it make you feel less of what you think about yourself?


Truth is, it doesn’t make you less of anything to do good and it doesn’t make you COOL to be rude.

It’s not hard to smile. It’s not hard to show little deeds of kindness to people. It’s not hard to say “Good morning” or express your love by saying ” I love you”. And I’m also sure that at some point in your life, a kind deed has brightened up your day.  Fore some, showing politeness is also a part of their job. So what could be hard with that? Getting paid to incorporate kindness to your job.

We already have a lot of negative things that happen around us that we can’t change. The only things we could control are those that start from ourselves. We can never demand kindness, and respect can not be imposed. You can’t tell a man to give his seat to a pregnant woman and not everyone respects their parents or elders no matter how they are treated. What good would it do if you’ll talk back to your parents while being scolded? What good would it do if you’ll harm yourself as a protest? And what good would it do if you’d throw things to your brother or sister just because you’re arguing?

N-O-N-E! If ever you feel bad because of one thing, just think that you’d only be making it worse by doing what you already think is wrong.

As equal creations of God, none of us has the right to be rude, to hurt other people or to discriminate. I’ve read a picture on Facebook with a text saying “I am taught to respect the CEO the same way I respect a janitor.” and that’s how I believe it should be. Most of us overlook the blessings we currently have, most people still have the guts to make fun of other people’s shortcomings and maybe they’d start to realize what they have after it’s all gone.

Don’t wish harm for those who haven’t shown good to you but instead pray for them and set as an example of what good actions could do to someone. We have no idea of what each and everyone is going through. If you haven’t been treated well, what difference would it make if you would do another bad thing?

We only live this life once, not knowing when it will end, make it count 🙂