It has been years since I’ve read the book “Ang perang hindi bitin”. We received it as a Christmas gift for 2 consecutive years and I was glad to have a new book to read. This book has taught me a lot about financial decisions. Its difference to other financial books is that it’s like a tutorial of very applicable principles for everyone including; saving, investing and sharing. What’s really good abut this book is that it connects the way you handle money on your faith since money is a blessing and as God gave you blessings it is out job to make it grow.


But today I felt how the lessons of this book was actually applied to my life. As newlyweds, our first financial move was to create a joint account. I told my husband that aside from the purpose of saving, our money is best kept in a bank than in our drawer.

There was a part in  that book where the author, as a husband prayed for the best thing to do before making a decision of purchasing a car and God answered his prayer by giving them the best opportunity they could have. And that’s what I thing happened to me. I used some of our funds as a capital for my favorite chocolate “snickers”. It was amazing how I felt like God helped me since just a few minutes after I posted my ad about the chocolate that I’m selling I already had a lot of orders coming in. But to end up with success there are problems that go along the way. I had a problem with the first supplier I talked to since all my orders are scheduled and she informed me that she won’t be able to deliver my orders online. This led me to look for another supplier whose price is way cheaper than my first supplier and our transaction went smoothly.


It taught me that as I was worrying about not being able to deliver my orders on time, God will provide and find a way, one that is best and the one that will really work.

I believe that book costs no more than P200 but it seems so effective since all the lessons it teach are all applicable. No matter how many financial books we read what would matter is the application of knowledge we get from the materials we read.

I was really depressed this past few days and just to share, what pushed me into reselling something is that my Dad rescued a month old kitten whom I easily fell in love with. The problem is that she was so dirty and needed medical attention. I have no job and as a student whose currently pregnant my allowance is just exactly for a day’s spending. I look at this business as God’s way of telling me that there is a solution and there is help.

I felt the need to sell something to bring her to the vet and God gave me more than what we needed.