My in-laws believe that unplanned trips are better. I woke up the morning of November 30 which is a holiday knowing that I need to get ready since were going to Laguna. Who would pass an adventure on a holiday? We left the house at around 12pm (were from Antipolo btw) and we arrived at Isdaan at exactly 2pm. We took the Marilque route to avoid traffic.

The thing is.. it’s a holiday and customers have to wait on a long queue to get seated. It’s a good thing is their pasalubong center near the waiting area so we could have something to munch while waiting for our name to be called.

To make the story short, we were able to order and our order arrived 4:30pm! I was running out of patience since I’m really hungry but when our food arrived. All the wait is worth it!

We ordered their Special pansit isdaan which I immediately fell in love with!

15321641_1363956146949918_1851955772_o.jpg Their pansit had tahong, shrimp and meat chunks on it which made it very tasty. We also ordered daing na bangus which is also perfectly cooked and I just can’t say anything bad about their food. I also thought their servings will be small like in other restos out there, but even though they said that their servings are good for 2-3 persons and there’s the four of us we still had leftovers for takeout.


They also have FREE Face painting for everyone and FREE balloons for children! It’s like a one stop shop in Laguna and even though it took us almost 3 hours to have our orders I understand that it’s because of the high volume of customers on that day. Their guides and waiters are hospitable and polite even though they’re all tired and busy.

You can also feed the fishes and they will even give you fish food. There are also singing cooks and waiters to serenade you with good music while you enjoy your meal. I’d definitely go back (on a weekday, with less people lol) and try other dishes. I initially thought that dining here would be expensive but I was wrong, it’really worth it and their price is reasonable. It’s all up to customer’s to enjoy and they actually offer a lot in one place.