It’s been 3 months since we got married and I thought about writing my life, but this time as a wife. One of the first realizations I had after getting married is that the sweetest moments are those your camera can’t capture.

It’s one of my husband’s habit to play mellow songs as we go to sleep. Last night, as I called him to bed he started playing music and laid down beside me. I lay my head in his chest and I fell asleep wile he’s singing along with the love songs playing from his computer. I wasn’t able to count how many times he kissed my forehead while singing to me.

My husband is far from the cheesy type romantic guy, well of course he was when he was still courting me and during the first part of our relationship. The only change is that he became so childish in a sense that he always cracks jokes and acts silly most of the time.

And last night as we cuddle and he kisses my head a lot of times I honestly wish I had a camera to take a picture of us, but then I realized that would ruin the moment and the sincerity of his gestures.

At this  time where everything can be posted in social media to count as evidence I write so that I would always remember that moments like these happened in our relationship.

I’ll be going back to sleep after I write this since my husband already left for work and kissed me three or four times like it’s so hard for him to leave the house.