A lot of changes occurred during my pregnancy and one of them is grinding my teeth while I’m asleep. Bruxism is the medical term for grinding the teeth. It came to the point where I just woke up with a chipped tooth. We went to the dentist to have it filled (pasta) but the filling just went off after 2 days. In cases like these the dentist has to repair it since its just days after the procedure. Unfortunately, the same thing happened just after a few days. I knew something is wrong. I wore a mouth piece as a night guard but it’s making me so uncomfortable since it hurts my gums and I eventually lost my mouth piece lol.


It started when my husband woke me up to stop me from grinding my teeth. I have no idea why he woke me up but I feel like I’m so mad at him for waking me up (I think it’s because of my hormones haha). That night he just said “Nag ninight grind ka!” (“You’re grinding your teeth!”) and went back to sleep. He was also startled to see me so mad and I don’t even know why I’m mad.

Of course, it happened again. Here’s the funny and sweet part, the next night I did my sleeping habit again, I woke up to see my husband smiling sweetly. He told me “Nag – ggrind ka nanaman” (“You’re grinding your teeth again!”) and because he’s smiling I just returned his smile and kissed him and went back to sleep again.

The point here is, if my husband had a shorter temper, a closed mind, or pride he could’ve been mad at me too for waking up mad at him without a reason. He could find it as a reason to be mad, to yell or to do whatever he wanted. But as a real man, he woke me up concerned and found a way to deal with me in a nice way.

It looks like a very small act, but small acts like these are the ones that create the foundation of a relationship. It’s not just about grand celebrations or dates in fancy restaurants or public surprises. It’s about what happens when it’s just the both of you together.