Pregnancy is one of life’s events that keep pet owners away from their pets. Its true that there is a risk in being with cats, but the parasite Toxoplasmosis can only be transmitted through contact with cat poop and can be prevented with using gloves or protection.

Before getting pregnant I already have 2 cats, a puspin or pusang pinoy and a siamese. December 2016, my dad brought home a poor little kitten less than a month old. She was so small and weak and sweet at the same time. My mom even scolded us for bringing home a kitten but she immediately fell in love with her.

We named her Cookie. We later on noticed that she was more than weak, she would only stand up and walk to eat. She had mange all over her body and a wound in her tail that made a little part of her tail just fall off at first I thought it was just dried bubble gum stuck in her tail. She also had a lot of discharge from her eyes.  I was so worried that she might not make it because she’s too young making me have limited options for her medication. I was also worried that my husband or my parent won’t let me be with her because it could be risky for me.

Initially went to the city vet and she was prescribed antibiotics and we were advised that Cookie has to be dewormed. Cookie’s condition seemed to worsen so I went to y dog’s vet and was advised that the mucus in her eyes were possibly because of worms, I was also advised to continue her antibiotics and gave me a shampoo since her mange was due to a fungal infection.